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About Dusseldorf Airport

Dusseldorf Airport is an international airport that is based in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia. The airport is approximately 4.3 miles outside of the city centre and it's 12 miles from Essen, so hiring a car may be a good idea to get around if you aren't a fan of public transport.

This airport is the third largest in Germany in terms of passenger numbers sitting just behind Frankfurt and Munich with 22.4 million passengers in 2015. It's mostly a short haul airport so majority of the flights come from around Europe however there is a one off flight that arrives in from Newark. The airport also features three terminals and two run ways so it is of considerable size.

Further Information & Offers

Car Hire Without A Credit Card at Dusseldorf Airport

Debit card car hire is possible with some of the major suppliers, you just need to carefully check the terms and conditions in order to ensure that your debit card will be accepted, such as your debit card must have embossed numbers. Read more about car hire without a credit card before booking your holiday travel so you aren't stuck without a car upon your arrival at the airport.

Dusseldorf Airport Young Driver Car Hire – Under 25s

Under 25? Hiring a car as a young driver can be a nightmare, majority of suppliers don't allow you to and those that do charge way to much for a young driver surcharge. You can find out more information on our FAQ page here where we give you a step by step guide on how to check what the full price of your rental will be as a young driver.

Car Hire At Dusseldorf Airport With An Additional Driver

Want to share the driving on your holiday? Some of our car hire suppliers offer this extra but it often costs a daily charge although you may be able to find suppliers which offer this for free, we can advise you on the lowest charging supplier and if you are able to add an additional driver. You can find out more here.

Car Hire With Low Deposit At Dusseldorf Airport

Car hire deposits don't always have to run into the thousands, you can get it much cheaper! All you have to do is read some of the terms and conditions of major suppliers and you may be surprised to find that some are quite a reasonable amount. You can find out more information on how to get a low deposit here.