Car Hire With No Deposit

Chances are if you've landed on this page then you've had some experience with the issue around car hire deposits. Car hire companies can take thousands of pounds as a deposit, and although this is never taken off of your card it can have a huge impact on your holiday, particularly if you are hiring a car with a debit card. Don't fear though, we can rescue your holiday and help you get on the right foot with a zero deposit hire.

How To Get Zero Deposit Car Hire

How do you get a car rental with a zero deposit you ask? Well it’s kind of simple really, but it also means you need to pay a small bit extra per day. We have found two suppliers that offer this deal that you can take full advantage of using our booking engine.

Easirent: If you are wanting to hire a car with no deposit in the UK then you will need to use this supplier. The only catch is you need to buy an extra, the “Relax Zero Insurance”, which is costed at £15/p day.

Centuro: This is another company that allow you to hire a car with a zero deposit, but again you need to take out their “Smart Insurance” policy.

Drivalia: Very limited locations but they allow you to hire a car without putting a deposit down if you take out their “Ultimate” policy.

Goldcar: This supplier offer a zero deposit deal, however you have to take out there “super relax” policy. Typically Goldcar are however one of the cheapest suppliers.

Where Is No Deposit Car Hire Available?

Due to our limited amount of suppliers we can at the current moment only offer zero deposit car hire in limited locations, which include:

Aberdeen AirportAlicante AirportLisbon AirportBrindisi Airport
Belfast AirportBarcelona AirportFaro AirportBergamo Airport
Belfast City AirportMadrid AirportPorto AirportBologna Airport
Birmingham AirportMalaga AirportBari Airport
Blackburn (City)Majorca AirportCagliari Airport
Bootle (City)Murcia AirportRome Ciampino Airport
Bristol AirportIbiza AirportCatania Airport
Cardiff AirportSeville AirportRome Fumicino Airport
Cork AirportValencia AirportFlorence Airport
Dublin AirportSeville Train StationMilan Linate Airport
Dublin (City)Benidorm CenterMilan Malpensa Airport
East Midlands AirportTorrevieja CenterOlbia Airport
Edinburgh AirportPalermo Airport
Edinburgh (City)Pisa Airport
Exeter AirportLamezia Airport
Glasgow AirportTrapani Airport
Glasgow (City)Trevisio Airport
Leeds Bradford AirportVenice Airport
Liverpool AirportVerona Airport
London Gatwick Airport
London Heathrow Airport
London Kings Cross (Train Station)
London Luton Airport
London Stansted Airport
Manchester Airport
Manchester (City)
Newcastle Airport
Peterborough (City)
Shannon Airport
Shrewsbury (City)
Southampton Airport
Preston (City)
Wigan (City)

Not In The List? Try Get A Low Deposit

Some car hire deposit companies when using our booking engine can provide you with a very low deposit which is typical seen as around £75, here's how you find the lowest deposit possible:

Step 1:
Run a quote for your desired location and choose the car which you are interested in.

Step 2:
This still doesn't show you the deposit cost, so select the car and the car rental company that you like the look of then click the T&Cs section which is pictured here, remember to have a look at a few different suppliers!
Low Deposit Car Hire T&Cs

Step 3:
Once you have clicked the T&Cs click the tab that says "Deposit, Excess and Cover" and under the Deposit / Excess you will see how much the deposit held on your card is.
Low Deposit Car Hire

Step 4:
This is going to be held on your card for the full duration of the rental, upon return and inspection of the car the deposit will be unfrozen in full.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you also must meet the card criteria, some companies will only accept credit cards whereas others will accept debit cards, in order to find this out navigate to the "What You Need At Pick Up" section of the T&Cs.