Car Hire Optional Extras

Car Hire Optional Extras

Car hire companies often allow you to take advantage of some good additional extras, which we have listed below. Keep in mind however that these will incur a daily charge on top of your rental which can make your car hire quite pricey. If there is simply no avoiding it you can find some of the regular car hire options available to yourselves in the list below.

GPS Satellite Navigation

Majority of car hire companies will allow you to use one of their Sat Nav systems which can be helpful for getting around and making the most of your update. Please however keep in mind that this will incur a daily charge and it may be cheaper to bring your own or buy one locally as GPS system can be picked up quite cheap.

Additional Driver

Hiring a car with an additional driver is possible but they must meet certain restrictions, this also can incur a daily cost. There are deals however where you can find a company that will allow an additional driver for FREE, you can find out more about adding an additional driver here.

Child Seats and Booster Seats

You may be worried if you are travelling abroad with a young child that if you hire a car you may have to buy a booster seat, which is massively inconvenient and could be rather expensive. Don't fear however, car hire companies generally allow you to hire a child seat or booster seat from them for a daily cost. You can find out more when you click book now on your chosen rental.

Ski Rack & Snow Chains

If you are travelling somewhere cold then you may require snow chains by law, you also may need a ski rack to carry all of your ski's if that's the type of holiday you are on. Most car rental companies in areas that are surrounded by mountainous areas will allow you to hire these extras. Again these will come at a daily cost on top of your standard rental price.