Young Driver Car Hire: Under 25 Years Old

The Under 25 Issues

If you've landed on this page, then chances are you've probably already figured out how hard it is to hire a car if you are under the age of 25. Majority of suppliers won't allow you to hire cars with them as they don't want to pay the premium insurance required in order to accept younger drivers.

But at Travellation we don't want something as simple as your age to hold you down, hiring a car is possible from the age of 21 you just have to know what supplier to go to and how to get the best overall deal.

    Young Driver Car Hire

Young Driver Surcharge

As previously mentioned, car rental companies need to pay a surcharge in order to allow you to hire a car with them so you need to work out the total price of your rental including this cost.

Young driver surcharge can be hefty, and it can add a lot to your rental cost, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to make young driver car hire affordable by giving you example surcharges so you can work the overall costings out with ease.

Country Specific Young Driver Surcharge Examples

Please note that these are just example and you should always confirm that the surcharge is correct, all of these prices will be added on top of the cost of rental.

Here are some of the most popular rental companies in each country and a breakdown of their daily young driver surcharge. All this information can be found in the T&Cs of our search engine.

Spain – Young Driver Car Hire Surcharge

SupplierFireflyRecord GoOK Rent A CarInterrentGoldcarDrivaliaRhodium
Minimum Age21211921212121
Daily Surcharge5,00 €6,00 €10,00 €6,60 €25,00 €5,00 €25,00 €
7 Day Example35,00 €42,00 €70,00 €46,20 €175,00 €35,00 €175,00 €

France – Young Driver Car Hire Surcharge

Minimum Age21212321212121
Daily Surcharge32,60 €30,94 €30,00 €32,60 €30,94 €32,10 €30,94 €
7 Day Example 228,20 €216,58 €210,00 € 228,20 €216,58 €224,70 € 216,58 €

Germany – Young Driver Car Hire Surcharge

SupplierInterrentGlobal Rent a CarAlamoEnterpriseSixtBuchbinderEuropcar
Minimum Age18 (Over 22+ Isn't Considered A Young Driver)18212118 (Over 22+ Isn't Considered A Young Driver)2119
Daily Surcharge5,00 € 10,00 €8,40 € 8,40 €10,00 € 10,00 €10,00 €
7 Day Example 35,00 € 70,00 €58,80 € 58,80 €70,00 €70,00 €70,00 €

Italy – Young Driver Car Hire Surcharge

Minimum Age19191921182121
Daily Surcharge 11,00 - 22,00€10,00 € 11,00 - 22,00€10,50 €20,74 €16,00 €10,50 €
7 Day Example77,00 - 154,00 €70,00 €77,00 - 154,00 €73,50 €145,18 €112,00 €73,50 €

UK – Young Driver Car Hire Surcharge

SupplierEuropcarEasirentFireflyBudgetGreen MotionHertzInterRent
Minimum Age22232323212322
Daily Surcharge£27.02£30.00£33.60£32.50£38.50£33.60£33.32
7 Day Example£189.14£210£235.20£227.50£269.50£235.20£233.24

Please beware some of these companies do have a maximum cap, for instance a lot of rental companies typically cap the charge around 10 days, so if you are after a long rental this is something to look into.

How To Work Out The Full Cost

Step 1:
When using our search engine all you have to do is select your location and untick the section that says Driver aged between 25 - 70 and click search.

Step 2:
This still doesn't show you the overall price, so select the car and the car rental company that you like the look of then click the T&Cs section which is pictured here.
Young Driver Terms and conditions

Step 3:
Once you have clicked the T&Cs click the tab that says "Not Included In The Rental Price" and under the driver charges section you will see how much the daily charge is.
Young Driver Fees

Step 4:
Add this cost to your rental and that is your full price. Please keep in mind that different car hire companies charge different young driver surcharges, so although it may be displaying as the cheapest price this may not actually be true as another company may have a lower additional surcharge rate.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you also must meet the licence requirement criteria which is in the "What You Need To Pick It Up" section, for example for this rental we have chosen you need to have held your licence for a year.

Further Information

What Is The Youngest Age You Can Hire A Car?

This completely depends upon location, within the UK the minimum age tends to be 21, but this is limited to only a few suppliers.

In different countries across Europe however this age differs, the youngest possible in very remote locations is 18, but there is only a single supplier who allow this so it is extremely rare to find.

What Vehicles Can I Hire As A Young Driver?

Every supplier has it's different restrictions so this is on an individual basis, but as a young driver often you aren't allowed to hire large vehicles or SUVs. Several car hire companies will only allow you to hire cars that are in the "small car" section, some cars that may fit in this category include:

-Fiat 500
-Citroen C1
-Ford Ka
-Volkswagen UP
-Skoda Citigo