Can I hire a car if I’ve been driving less than a year?

You’ve passed your driving test, congratulations!

You may have a nice holiday planned and you want to know if you can be the designated driver for the trip, so you can get behind the wheel and experience the driving culture of another country, but unfortunately you may have to hold your horses.

This all sounds like a great idea however, insurance with rental companies is so high for drivers without a years’ driving experience so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to hire a car as most car rental suppliers will not hire to someone who has had their licence under a year as it’s simply not feasible to acquire this type of insurance. This may put a downer on your day but you may have other alternative options such as taking public transport routes, hiring a car with someone else you are travelling with or looking at something that typically allows younger people to hire like a moped.

It should also be noted that if you’re over the age of 25 car rental companies usually require that you have held your licence for 2 years or over, a lot of them also require that it has to be a clean driving licence with no points. If you’re under 25, more than 2 years driving experience may be necessary but it depends upon the car rental supplier, each supplier has significantly different terms and conditions so you can’t just assume you’ll be able to hire, even if you have before, for that reason we strongly stress that prior to purchasing a rental car for your holiday period you need to read through all the terms and conditions thoroughly before handing the money over as you don’t want to arrive at your holiday destination and find that you won’t be handed the keys to the car you thought you had booked.

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