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Essentials for Carry On Luggage- Long Haul.

 Long haul flights can make it seem like you’re flying for days instead of hours. We’ve come up with a list of our essentials to ensure that on your long haul flight, that you’re in comfort and the journey from A to B is as smooth as possible.

  1. Documents– May seem like a silly item to include but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who decide to put documents in their glove box and end up forgetting them! Put them in your hand luggage from the start. Ensure you’ve got your passports, boarding passes, flight itinerary and any other important documents you may need such as hotel booking confirmation. It’s usually best to keep these in a concealed pocket in your bag so you can’t drop or lose them easily.
  2. Sweets or soft gummies– Having your ears pop is actually a really common problem among travellers and can be very uncomfortable especially on a long haul flight. It’s all relating to the amount of pressure and whether a tube in your ear called the Eustachian tube can open enough to accommodate the changes. Sucking sweets on the ascend and descend can prevent your ears from popping and causing you pain and discomfort throughout your flight.
  3. A sleep pack– Sleep packs are highly underrated and can ensure you get some sleep on your flight, especially if flying very early or very late at night. Some flight packs can be bought through the airline such as Monarch. Alternatively create your own sleep pack, a blanket, eye mask and ear plugs are all that is needed. You can snuggle in and get cosy and have a little nap to help your long flight pass by.
  4. A mobile, laptop or tablet device– The preferred device of travellers is usually a mobile or tablet such as an iPad or Windows tablet. You can purchase or download films onto them, these can keep you occupied while the hours fly by as you fly by. Some airlines do include inflight Wi-Fi so you can catch up on work, email your family or simply catch up on TV using demand players. Alternatively you could create a playlist to listen to, or even create a playlist to help you sleep.
  5. Water and snacks– Obviously water will need to be purchased after you go through security but water is a great thing to have in your bag. You can keep hydrated while enjoying your flight. Snacks are there to keep your hunger at bay until you land. Snacks such as apples and nuts, cereal bars and crisps tend to be popular items for taking on a flight.

Obviously alternatives can be chosen but these are the things that we believe will create a nice atmosphere onboard and make your long haul flight a little less boring or tiring.

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