Tips to relax on a plane

How To Relax On A Plane

Tips to relax on a plane
People often find plane journeys extremely stressful, which is understandable as it’s an enclosed confined space where you are very close to hundreds of strangers thousands of feet in the air. I’ve personally know several people that won’t go on holiday just because of how stressful the plane journey is, so I thought it best to write a bit of a guide of how to relax on a plane. Here are just a few tips on how to stay relaxed on a plane journey.

    1. Music Helps

Having music in your ears can help block out the loud sounds of the jet which can make you feel a little bit less worried, it can also help block out any noise from other passengers on the plane. Even more so, it can help the journey pass quicker if you have a good playlist!

    1. Bring Home Comforts

Bring a blanket and a pillow, you will be surprised at how much more comfortable this makes you, it’s definitely worth while on a longer journey. Just bringing a few items from your house can help you relax and maybe even drift off to sleep, the flight will be over before you know it!

    1. Chew Hard Sweets

On take off often people get a bit anxious at their ears popping as the plane ascends, but this can easily be solved by chewing a hard(ish) sweet. It stops your ears from popping which can take a bit of the worry out of flying.

    1. Play A Game

Playing a game can help take your mind and focus off of things, passing time much quicker. It’s a good idea in general to keep your mind off of what your doing, it’ll help you calm down and not think about what is going on around you.

    1. Wear Comfortable Clothing

My favorite clothing for flying isn’t exactly attire that I would normally wear out of the house but it’s extremely comfortable. You have to sit there for often a few hours at a time, so you want to wear clothes that typically you would lounge about in at home, it helps you get more comfortable and relaxed.

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