Cheap Car Hire Alicante

Are you planning on going to Spain? If your going anywhere near Alicante then hire a car to make the most of your trip.

Car hire in Alicante can be so cheap that you might even save money on public transport and get to see more of the surrounding area on your own time frame!

Alicante is a really popular car rental location due to the extremely low prices, so ensure that when you have planned your holiday you book your car hire as soon as possible to avoid paying over the odds.

Airports In Alicante

Looking to hire from the airport itself? Our Alicante Airport page is likely more suited for your query.

Why Choose Travellation For Your Alicante Trip

That's easy enough to answer! And we aren't just being big headed, we really do provide a quality service. We compare prices from all the companies in Alicante in seconds for there complete range of cars, meaning we can easily identify what the lowest price for your desired hire dates is. On top of this we also offer some great deals such as:

Debit Card Car Hire Alicante
Not everyone has or believe in having a credit card, but unfortunately it's the most commonly accepted payment by rental companies as they can hold their deposit much easier that way. We have however found a way round this, with some suppliers you will be able to hire a car with a debit card, and you don't have to trawl through the terms and conditions, you can find out how to hire a car without a credit card in Spain & specifically Alicante here.

Alicante For Drivers Under 25 With A Low Surcharge
Are you a young driver looking to hire a car? Then you may have found that car hire companies either don't accept you, or completely rip you off with their surcharge. At Alicante however we have managed to find a handful of suppliers that have a young driver surcharge as low as 5 euros a day, you can find out more about young driver car hire here.

No Deposit Car Hire In Alicante
Deposits on a hired car can be a pain point, as thousands of euros/pounds can be held on your card for the duration of your rental, which is of course isn't ideal. We have managed to find a supplier that allows you to hire with a zero deposit option, you may just be required to take out an additional insurance policy, you can find out more about hiring a car with no deposit here.

Things To Do In Alicante

Planning on visiting the city of Alicante? Then you'll need to do some research in to where to go! We've given you a bit of a head start, here are a few of our personal top things to do in Alicante:

San Juan Beach: You'll find this gem around 6 miles just north of Alicante. It's got a fantastic reputation and is known as one of Spain's best beaches and is recommended by many travellers. It's a pretty long beach so you can spend a full day out there with around 4 miles of coast with a line of restaurants, nightlife venues and even golf in the area.

Castillo de Santa Barbara: The first incarnation of this fortress was built in 400B.C by the Carthaginians, so if your in to your history this is definitely a must visit. The Romans used it and later the Arabs have added to it, it's complete with drawbridges, battery, hospitals, dungeons and far more. It's solely used for tourism and it's completely free, although they do charge for little bits here and there within the building itself to maintain it's up keep, but you don't have to pay any of it if you don't want.

Palm Groves of Elche
Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site the Palmeral de Elche is a collection of more than 11,000 palm tree which makes it the largest in all of Europe. It also maintains a lot of traditional attributes from the 1st millennium BC.

Driving Tips In Alicante

Drive On The Right: In Spain they drive on the right, this is of course vital to remember as you don't want an accident that's your fault!

Flashing Headlights: If you are on the Spanish equivalent of the motorway and someone is flashing their headlights behind you, don't get frustrated, it means that they plan to overtake you and it's the law.

Moving On To The Motorway: If you are moving on to the motorway you should never cross a solid white line, wait for the broken line.

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