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Are you going to Barcelona on holiday? Well first of all great choice! The area is fantastic with loads of amazing sites, we're sure you'll enjoy your trip!

Throughout Barcelona the transport links are fairly good with the underground, but if you want to do things on your own time and explore outside of the city centre then your best port of call is to hire a car, and for that, you've come to the right place.

Airports In Barcelona

Despite the size of the city, Barcelona, only has one airport.

- Barcelona El-Prat Airport

We do also offer car hire at the nearby airport of Girona or Reus.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Car Rental In Barcelona

Why choose Travellation? Well that's an easy one... we compare car hire prices from hundreds of different suppliers in and around your desired location, in this circumstance, Barcelona, to get you the lowest price we possible can. You can easily compare all the different car hire companies in just a few clicks when using our booking engine.

On top of that, the lowest price possible isn't the only thing we offer, we have several car hire specials at the airport which include:

Barcelona Debit Card Car Hire
Hiring a car without a credit card can be a complete nightmare, several suppliers won't accept you due to the way in which they take the deposit for the rental. We have however reached an agreement with a few suppliers at Barcelona Airport in which you can hire a car with your Visa Debit card, you can find out more about this on our Spain debit card car hire page.

Young Driver Car Hire In Barcelona
Under the age of 25 and tried to hire a car? Well it can be a nightmare, and cost you through the teeth with the young driver surcharged attached to this, but we've profiled a list of all the suppliers and how much they charge for their surcharge fee so you can work out what the lowest price of the overall rental is, you can find out more on our young driver car hire page.

No Deposit Car Hire Barcelona
Have you hired a car before? Then your likely aware of the massive deposits that can be held on your card for the duration of the rental, an amount you can't access for the whole holiday. For most of us having thousands of pounds held on your card isn't ideal as that could be potential spending money to enjoy yourself and have a good time, so we've managed to find a few suppliers which will offer you a no deposit Barcelona car rental deal, you can find out more on our car hire with no deposit page.

Things To Do In Barcelona

So your planning a trip to Barcelona? Then your going to need to do some research into a few things you can do whilst your in the city, we'll get you off to a head start! Here are a few of our favourite spots in Barcelona:

Santa Maria Del Mar: Unfortunately when we went it was under construction, however it was still beautiful, the Santa Maria Del Mar is a Barcelona architectonic tradition. The project that was completed in 1383 a massive Gothic temple with stained-glass panels, illuminated natural lights and a unique structure. It's a must see.

Barri Gotic: Another piece of Gothic architecture, the most ancient part of the city, the Barri Gotic is a labyrinthine of streets and is Barcelona's best shopping area. A great day out for the whole family, shopping and sights, what could be better? And if your lucky you may witness the traditional Catalan dance, the "Sardana" on the placa.

Park Guell: Ever seen any pictures or postcards of Barcelona? Guaranteed it's a picture from Park Guell. The greatest triumph in urban planning with structures of houses, fountains, pillars and walk ways with mosaic tiles which appear to almost be the extension of nature, make sure you get to the top of the stairs for the most spectacular views! You may need to buy a ticket ahead if you are visiting at a busy time as the park only allows 400 visitors per 30 minutes.

Driving Tips In Barcelona

Drive On The Right: In Spain they drive on the right, this is of course vital to remember as you don't want an accident that's your fault!

Flashing Headlights: If you are on the Spanish equivalent of the motorway and someone is flashing their headlights behind you, don't get frustrated, it means that they plan to overtake you and it's the law.

Moving On To The Motorway: If you are moving on to the motorway you should never cross a solid white line, wait for the broken line.

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