Car Hire Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote is a really popular island to visit, with several tourists flocking their every year for the beaches and villages, along with the theme parks of course.

Making the most of the island is difficult however if you don't have you're own transport to get around as the best destinations are dotted around different parts of the island.

Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands and sits in the Atlantic Oceon around 70-80 miles off the coast of Africa. It's an affordable family get away and offers some great places to visit making it the perfect location. One of the main attractions is the Timanfaya National Park in the centre of the Island, and the capital city is called Arrecife.

Where To Pick Up My Hired Car - Lanzarote Airport

Chosen to hire a car with Travellation for your trip to Lanzarote Airport? We'll if you have then it may be useful to know where to pick the car up! You will be sent this information by your supplier, but just to reitterate.

There are eight car hire companies located at Lanzarote Airport which include Avis, Payless, Hertz, Europcar, Auto Riesen, Cabrera Medina, Cicar and Goldcar. All of the desks for these rental companies can be found on the ground floor of both the terminals 1 & 2.

Lanzarote Airport - Car Hire Offers

Planning on hiring a car in Lanzarote? Not convinced with choosing us yet? Well along with always finding you the best price by comparing all of the different rental companies in a click of a button we also have some pretty great hard to find offers, here are a few of them:

Debit Card Car Hire: Lanzarote Airport
Are you wanting to hire a car in Lanzarote but you don't have a credit card to name? Well this can be a bit of a nightmare, anywhere in the world, as most rental companies won't accept your debit card. We have however managed to find you a deal with one of our suppliers at the airport, Goldcar, but you need to ensure that you read our FAQ page prior to making your booking, you can find out more about it on our debit card car hire Spain page.

No Deposit Car Hire: Lanzarote Airport
Car hire deposits can be huge, anywhere in the world, including Lanzarote. It's a significant amount of money, ranging into the thousands, that can be held on your card for the duration of your rental. This can be a pain as you may have planned to spend some of this money, however no longer have access to it. We have managed to work out a deal with one of our suppliers on your behalf to ensure that you can get a zero deposit offer, please read our no deposit car hire page for more information.

Young Driver Car Hire: Lanzarote Airport
Under the age of 25 and trying to hire a car on the island of Lanzarote? Well it can be a bit of an awkward situation. A lot of car rental companies don't hire to those under 25 as they have to pay an extra insurance premium, and those that do charge you an extortionate daily surcharge. In order to help find you the best deal we've pointed out every supplier we work with that will accept you under the age of 25 and their daily surcharge to ensure that you can get the lowest overall price, you can find this information on our young driver car hire page.

Prices As Low As £7/p Day - What's The Catch?

Lanzarote Airport Car Hire

No catch really, hiring a car in Lanzarote is easy, cheap and straight forward. The issue arises when people have never hired in Spain before and have only hired in the UK. Spain is slightly different in the way that the car rental companies operate and not always in a good way, which can sometimes leave people angry. They often try and charge you more and can have a few tricks, so we've detailed some of the common car hire pitfalls so you can avoid them:

Additional Charges: Often car hire companies in Spain will try hard sell you on additional charges, a common one is protecting your quite high excess, paying for additional drivers and some include an admin fee on top of your rental, but not all. We stress if you read the T&Cs you will be able to find a rental in Spain at a fantastic price without being stung.

Upgrade: The language barrier also sometimes can complicate this, again car rental companies at the airport often try and upsell so they may offer you an upgrade, but make it sound more like "your in luck". Ensure that you are not paying for the upgrade before receiving the car. This is only usually the case with smaller Spanish rental companies such as Goldcar or Centauro.

Full To Full Fuel Policy: People can be a little prickly about this one, in Spain and well most other countries car hire works on a full to full policy, meaning that you get the car with a full tank and need to return it with a full tank.

This shouldn't be a problem them because there is a petrol station located at Lanzarote Airport, it's just off the roundabout as you enter the grounds, you literally can't miss it!

Lanzarote Airport - Other Useful Information

- When in your rental car ensure that you have your passport at all times, it's required. The authorities in the area can dish out fines to tourists if you don't have a passport on you when driving.

- The mobile phone rule is a little bit stricter, not only can you not use mobiles, you can't fiddle or touch anything electronic which extends to the likes of GPS and doing so can land you with a significant on the spot fine.

- Don't wear flip flops... Getting behind the wheel in flip flops or anything that is unsuitable for driving can again leave you with a hefty fine.

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