Cheap Car Hire Madrid

Planning a trip to the city of Madrid? Then you may want to consider hiring a car.

Public transport in the area is great with well connected trains and buses but if you truly want to explore the city and use your time efficiently then you should rent a car, not to mention when you go a few miles outside of the city that's where you will see some fantastic sights and the real side of Spain.

Airports In Madrid

There are actually five airports in Madrid, but only one is international.

- Madrid Barajas Airport

We do offer car hire at the other airport, Cuatro Vientos, Torrejon, Getafe & Monteforte.

Hiring A Car In Madrid? Why Choose Travellation

We're confident choosing Travellation for your hire car needs is the best way forward, why you ask? Because we compare hundreds of different rental companies in seconds, literally at a click of a button, all so we can provide you with the lowest overall price possible on your given dates, helping you save more money for your holiday.

Not only will we get you a great price, but in Madrid we have some fantastic offers to shout about:

Young Driver Car Hire In Madrid
Are you planning on hiring a car in Madrid but are under the age of 25? Then you've probably found out how hard this can be, a limited amount of companies will accept you, so we've tried to make it as easy as possible to hire a car as a young driver by using our young driver surcharge breakdown so you can easily see which company is best to go with. You can find out more on our young driver car hire page.

Madrid Car Hire With No Deposit
Car rental deposits can be a killer, rising up to thousands of pounds that can be held on your card for the duration of your rental. Although it's never taken off your card it is frozen so it can impact the overall experience as you may not be able to spend the money that you like. You can find out more about hiring a car with zero deposit in Spain by visiting our car hire with no deposit page.

Debit Card Car Hire In Madrid
If you've attempted to hire a car before you may soon realise in the T&Cs it often states that you need a credit card, this is so companies can hold a deposit easier. That being said there are a few companies that will accept a visa debit card, you just need to find the ones that will, something we've made easy for you with our Spain debit card car hire page.

Things To Do In Madrid

If your planning a trip to Madrid there are several different things you should do on your trip, but to get you started we've picked out some of our favourite holiday locations. Here are our top things to do in Madrid:

Mercado San Miguel
The cast iron market place which is based just outside of the Plaza Mayor is one of the top visited locations for travellers. It's a place where you can grab a coffee, cocktail or tapas with a fun and vibrant atmosphere. The market is quite expensive though and seating can be sparse so plan ahead, but either way it's a must see.

Plaza de Cibeles
Madrid's most famous plaza located in the Calle de Alcala. It's a stunning piece of architecture which draws several tourists. It formerly served as a post office but it's now the mayors office and it boasts a fountain that features Cybele, a roman goddess. It's really a must see, it's beautiful, and free!

Retiro Park
Translated as "The Retreat" the Parque del Retiro is a lush green land filled with lakes, cafes, playgrounds, fountains and more. It's a massive park where you can enjoy the sun and take the whole family on a day outing, not to mention it also boasts a rose garden with more than 4,000 roses, which is beautiful.

Driving Tips In Marid

Drive On The Right: In Spain they drive on the right, this is of course vital to remember as you don't want an accident that's your fault!

Flashing Headlights: If you are on the Spanish equivalent of the motorway and someone is flashing their headlights behind you, don't get frustrated, it means that they plan to overtake you and it's the law.

Moving On To The Motorway: If you are moving on to the motorway you should never cross a solid white line, wait for the broken line.

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