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Planning on travelling to Malaga for your holidays? Then you've picked a brilliant location.

Right on the south of the Costa Del Sol, Malaga is known for it's high rise hotels and resorts with yellow sand beaches, the perfect get away to catch the warm weather.

Malaga is also a popular location when it comes to hiring a car, as in order to get around and visit some of the best tourist spots then the best way to do so is by having your own mode of transport, there is public transport, but being able to travel on your own time will help you make the most out of your holiday.

Airports In Malaga

If you are arriving into Malaga for your holiday then the likely hood is you will be passing through:

- Malaga Airport

The fourth busiest airport in Spain.

Choosing Us In Malaga

Why choose Travellation? The choice couldn't be any easier. We are a car rental comparison company, so we compare all the available suppliers and all their rates at the time of your rental, without adding on any commission so we can always offer you the best price available.

On top of that we have also managed to find some great offers, which include:

Malaga Debit Card Car Hire
Planning on hiring a car but don't have a credit card? Well this can be a complete nightmare as most rental companies will only accept credit cards, but fortunately we have managed to find a few which will accept debit cards for our customers, you can find out more about hiring in Malaga without a credit card on our special Spain debit card car hire page.

Young Driver Car Hire Malaga
Under 25? Then you might run into trouble when trying to hire a car as a lot of companies won't accept you for insurance reasons. We have however managed to find a few suppliers who will accept you, but it often comes at a daily surcharge, we've looked into all these surcharges to find you the best overall deal in Malaga as a young driver, which you can find here on our young driver car hire page.

No Deposit Car Hire Malaga
Ever hired a car before? Then likelihood is that you know how much a deposit on a car rental can effect your holiday. Car rental companies can take thousands of pounds and just freeze it on your card, which you may be planning to use as spending money, we've figured out how you can free some of this up, if your interested in getting a zero deposit in Malaga then visit our car hire with no deposit page.

Things To Do: Malaga

Trying to get together a list of things to do on your trip in Malaga? We'll get you started! Here are a few of our tourist hotspots:

Catedral de Malaga: This 16th century cathedral is a former mosque in which only the Patio de los Naranjos survives which is the small courtyard filled with orange trees. It's a fantastic bit of architecture and offers some stunning views, with a bit of exercise involved on the 200 steps up the tower.

Alcazaba: The Malaga Alcazaba is a restored castle from the 11th century equipped with a Roman amphitheatre, lush greenery and bubbling fountains which all detail an influential period of Malaga's history.

Feria de Malaga: If your lucky enough then you might catch Malaga's nine day fair in the city centre which is a huge firework display and a Rio-style carnival with lot of flamenco and fino. At night the festivities move to Cortijo de Torres. The fair is on around mid August time.

Driving Tips In Malaga

Drive On The Right: In Spain they drive on the right, this is of course vital to remember as you don't want an accident that's your fault!

Flashing Headlights: If you are on the Spanish equivalent of the motorway and someone is flashing their headlights behind you, don't get frustrated, it means that they plan to overtake you and it's the law.

Moving On To The Motorway: If you are moving on to the motorway you should never cross a solid white line, wait for the broken line.