Car Hire Comparison Malaga Airport

Do you want the freedom of travelling around the Costa Del Sol and making the most of your holiday? Then hiring a car is definitely the way to go as at Malaga Airport it is quick, easy and often at a very affordable rate.

With millions of tourists flying into Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport (AGP) every year the airport has become the fourth busiest in Spain, which is reflected also in car rental. Although car hire is popular, it may not be necessary, transport links and taxis are common within the city, but the trouble comes if you are wanting to visit outside of the centre, in which you may benefit from your own car.

Where To Pick Up My Hired Car - Malaga Airport

Picking up your hired car at Malaga Airport couldn't be easier. There are eight rental companies desks based within the airport and they are all located in Terminal 3 on the ground floor.

Some of the car rental companies you can find there include Europcar, Goldcar, Sixt, Hertz, Avis & Enterprise.

Malaga Airport Car Hire Offers

Travellation always find you the lowest price possible for your rental duration at Malaga Airport, we compare all the available prices from all the suppliers in the area to provide you with the lowest possible.

If that's not enough of a reason to go with us for your car rental, then you can also take advantage of some of the offers we have managed to work out, which include:

Malaga Airport - Debit Card Car Hire
Have you ever tried to hire a car without having a credit card? Well then you're probably aware of how much of a nightmare this can be, as majority of rental companies only accept credit cards which can cause all sorts of issues. We have however managed to find a handful of suppliers at Malaga Airport who will accept Visa Debit cards, you can find out more about our offer on our debit card car hire Spain page.

Malaga Airport - No Deposit Car Hire
Deposits on car rentals can be extremely high, ranging into the thousands of pounds territory, so you need to ensure that you have a lot of funds free for your holiday outside of this, which just isn't feasible for some. That's where we can help, we have managed to find a few suppliers which will allow you to hire a car with a zero deposit at Malaga Airport, you can find out more about this on our no deposit car hire page.

Malaga Airport - Young Driver Car Hire
Are you considered a young driver? Well just like if you've insured your own car then you will realise the cost of car insurance, rental companies have to pay this too if they want to allow young drivers to drive their cars. Majority of the rental companies stay away due to the cost, but at Malaga Airport we have found a few suppliers which will allow you to hire a car as a young driver, and we've picked out the lowest surcharge rates so you can easily find the best price for you, find out more on our young driver car hire page.

Prices As Low As £7/p Day - What's The Catch?

Majorca Airport Car Hire
As long as you're clued up with the T&Cs, there isn't one. That being said, Spain gets a bad wrap when it comes to car hire for a variety of different reasons, but we've pulled together some of the common complaints that we hear to ensure that you can avoid being stung and having to pay extra:

Additional Charges: Often car hire companies in Spain will try hard sell you on additional charges, a common one is protecting your quite high excess, paying for additional drivers and some include an admin fee on top of your rental, but not all. We stress if you read the T&Cs you will be able to find a rental in Alicante at a fantastic price without being stung.

Upgrade: The language barrier also sometimes can complicate this, again car rental companies at the airport often try and upsell so they may offer you an upgrade, but make it sound more like "your in luck". Ensure that you are not paying for the upgrade before receiving the car. This is only usually the case with smaller Spanish rental companies such as Goldcar or Centauro.

Full To Full Fuel Policy: People can be a little prickly about this one, in Spain and well most other countries car hire works on a full to full policy, meaning that you get the car with a full tank and need to return it with a full tank.

If the full to full policy is in place then don't worry, just outside the entrance of Malaga Airport is a 24 hour BP petrol station which you can drive directly into the airport from. It's hard to miss!

Majorca Airport - Other Useful Information

- The terrain can be really tricky at times, even for experience drivers, especially up in the mountains. Be careful when your driving and make sure that you are comfortable with the car before tackling any advanced roads.

- You must keep two warning triangles and a reflective jacket in your car, for legal reasons, if you don't have these you will be fined on the spot, so ensure your car hire company do supply you with these items before you head on the road.

- Once you leave the airport you will be brought onto the MA-20 which runs across Spain's Mediterranean coast, driving west will bring you to Cadiz, east to Malaga.

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