Car Hire Tenerife North Airport

Travelling to the Canary Island for your holidays? Excellent choice, it's a beautiful location. The island is always sunny and is popular with tourists for its cheap 1 euro Dorada and the beaches are amazing.

If your travelling to Tenerife then you can visit via one of two airports, the north and the south. The north airport is located up by Santa Cruz & Peurto de la Cruz, but these are quite a distance from the airport so car hire is often the preferred option for holiday goers.

Tenerife can be quite hard to get around if you don't have a vehicle of your own, especially if you want to visit some of the theme parks on the islands as they are all on different sides so taxi'ing may often be a more expensive option.

Where To Pick Up My Hired Car - Tenerife North Airport

Have you booked a car with us at Tenerife North Airport? Then you're going to want to be able to find the car rental companies when you touch down and get on with your holidays.

There are a number of car hire companies located in the airport including Auto Reisen, Goldcar, Hertz, Europcar, Avis and Cicar and they can all be located inside the terminal building just beyond the baggage reclaim area in the arrivals hall, so if your passing through you won't miss them. The big Goldcar sign is the one that stands out the most, but there all located in and around there!

Tenerife North Airport - Car Hire Offers

Why choose Travellation? It's simple really, we will honestly find you the best price possible. We are a price comparison engine and we work with all the rental companies in and around the Tenerife North Airport, so we are able to compare their prices for your given dates and supply you with the lowest possible, whilst also adding no commission.

If that's not enough we also have some fantastic offers available in Tenerife which include:

Tenerife North Airport - Debit Card Car Hire
Planning on hiring a car at Tenerife North? Well it may be a bit of an issue if you don't have a credit card to use for your rental as majority of the rental companies won't accept debit cards. We have however managed to arrange a deal with a few of the rental companies that serve the airport to ensure that you can hire a car without your credit card, if you're interest, you can find out more on our debit card car hire Spain page.

Tenerife North Airport - No Deposit Car Hire
We also offer a zero deposit deal in Tenerife! If you've hired a car before then you'll know the pain of having thousands frozen on your card for the duration of your rental period, which can have a serious impact on your holiday if you've planned on using it as spending money. Not with us, as we've worked out this fantastic deal with suppliers at Tenerife North Airport, you can find out more at our no deposit car hire page.

Tenerife North Airport - Young Driver Car Hire
Under 25? Trying to get an affordable hired car? It's not as easy as it may seem! Due to insurance reasons a lot of rental companies won't hire to drivers under the age of 25 and the ones that will charge a daily extra fee. There's nothing we can do to get around this young driver surcharge, however what we can do is inform you of the rental companies that offer the lowest rate so you can easily find out which is your most affordable option, find out more on our young driver car hire page.

Prices As Low As £7/p Day - What's The Catch?

Tenerife North Airport Car Hire

There isn't a catch, as long as you read the T&Cs of the rental company you choose at Tenerife North then you will be fine. Generally Spain gets quite a bad wrap as there's a lot in the news about people being charged extras and some other complaints, however they are completely avoidable if you know what you're doing, so we have detailed some of the common complaints so you can avoid being stung.

Additional Charges: Often car hire companies in Spain will try hard sell you on additional charges, a common one is protecting your quite high excess, paying for additional drivers and some include an admin fee on top of your rental, but not all. We stress if you read the T&Cs you will be able to find a rental in Spain at a fantastic price without being stung.

Upgrade: The language barrier also sometimes can complicate this, again car rental companies at the airport often try and upsell so they may offer you an upgrade, but make it sound more like "your in luck". Ensure that you are not paying for the upgrade before receiving the car. This is only usually the case with smaller Spanish rental companies such as Goldcar or Centauro.

Full To Full Fuel Policy: People can be a little prickly about this one, in Spain and well most other countries car hire works on a full to full policy, meaning that you get the car with a full tank and need to return it with a full tank.

If you do have a full to full policy then there is a BP garage located five minutes from the airport, if you turn right out of the airport on the TF-5 and travel a few miles down the road you will see it there.

Tenerife North Airport - Other Useful Information

- If a driver indicates left, and there are no left turns, then it probably means he is going to just stop, so be careful! Also, drivers toot their horns as a thank you, not flash their lights!

- Driving can be a bit crazy in Tenerife, it's not uncommon that people will just stop and chat to their mates and there often can be disregard for the law with several drivers travelling massively over the speed limit glued to a mobile phone.

- If your driving to Mount Teide, the volcano of the island, then be prepared for some scary hairpin bends. It's very mountainous and the road can be dangerous at times, so ensure you are always paying attention.

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