Cheap Car Hire Leeds

Planning on hiring a car in Leeds? Then you’re in the right place, we will find you the lowest price possible for your trip and make the hiring process as smooth and simple as possible. Book your car as advanced as possible and avoid a rise in fees, Leeds can often get busy and prices rise on last minute car rentals.

Airports In Leeds

Wanting to hire from Leeds Bradford Airport? Click here.

Why Choose Travellation

We could name hundreds, but we don’t have all day! The main reason you should choose Travellation to hire your car in Leeds is that we offer a fantastic service. Using our booking unlocks the potential of comparing hundreds of different car hire companies in seconds, easily find the best price and have money left over to put back into your trip fund.
As well as getting you a low price, we also have some fantastic offers available in Leeds, such as:

Car Hire In Leeds With A Debit Card
Renting a car with a debit card can be a nightmare, anywhere in the world, but we’ve taken the leg work and the effort of trawling through all the companies to see if they will accept your debit card. We’ve picked out the few suppliers that will accept you without having to have a credit card and done all the leg work for you, you can find out more by visiting our UK Debit Card Car Hire page.

Under 25? Not A Problem
We can also offer young driver car hire to customer in Leeds as long as you are over the age of 21 and have held your licence for a full year. Typically car hire suppliers will charge a young driver surcharge for this though, find out more information about age restrictions and surcharges on our young driver car hire page.

No Deposit Car Hire In Leeds
Another fantastic offer, we can offer a zero deposit car hire deal in Leeds as long as you take out an extra insurance policy using one of our suppliers. Rental deposits can be extremely high, so avoid having that held on your card by using our no deposit supplier. You can find out about hiring without a deposit around the UK by clicking here.

Things To Do In Leeds

There are loads of different things you can do in Leeds, here are just a few ideas to get you going!

The Royal Armouries: The national museum based near to the centre of Leeds, the Royal Armouries is a fantastic place to visit for the day, especially one for the kids too! It displays a significant collection of Arms & Armour.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr: Beautiful landscapes on the edge of the surrounding town of Harrogate. It has great winter walks, a kitchen garden, the Queen Mother’s Lake, and several other features perfect for if you fancy a break from city life.

Pontefract Race Courses: You’ll definitely need a car for this one as it’s around 15-20 minutes outside the city, but if you fancy a day at the races Pontefract Race Course will happily oblige.

General Advice For Hiring A Car In Leeds

One Way System: If you’re travelling through Leeds city centre then a lot of the roads are a one way system, so it can be hard to find your way back around if you take a wrong turn so getting a sat nav may be quite a good idea.

Pick Your Days: On the odd occasion, there can be festivals on in and around Leeds which can basically cause the city’s traffic to come to a standstill. Make sure you research the dates you are going to be driving around the city and avoid busy days if possible.

Parking In The Centre Isn’t A Problem: Big cities often need a park and ride scheme, but Leeds doesn’t really require it. There are several multi stories and car parks all around the centre which usually range for a day parking anywhere between £6-12.