Can I Hire A Car With An Additional Driver?

The Additional Driver Issue

Unfortunately some car rental companies won’t allow for you to add an additional driver to your policy, which can be a pain if you want to share the driving.


Yes, as long as they meet the restrictions of that the main driver also has, for example a lot of companies require that you must have been driving for two years prior to hiring and have no major motoring convictions such as a DR10 or IN10.

Depending on the supplier there can be an extra daily cost associated with this, but there are several suppliers which offer it completely free for just one secondary driver. You need to make them aware of this in the booking process as they may have to adjust the price accordingly.

How To Work Out If You Can Add An Additional Driver

Step 1:
Choose your desired location and dates then use our search engine to find you the best priced cars available.

Step 2:
Unfortunately within the search engine it doesn't show you this straight away so select the car and click "Book Now", don't worry you won't be charged on this page!

Step 3:
Once you have clicked book now you can see the cost of adding an additional driver, typically this is daily and will be displayed like this:

Additional Drivers

Further Information

Occasionally you can find suppliers which will allow you to add an additional driver for FREE!

You just need to look for the right deal. Typically this is displayed in the search engine like this:

Free additional driver