Cross Border Car Hire

The Cross Border Car Hire Issue

Hiring a car and taking it across the border anywhere in Europe or worldwide for that matter can cause a problem with insurance which is why some car hire companies will not allow you to do it.

This can create an issue and majorly effect your holiday plans.



Hiring a car and crossing the borders between different countries is in fact possible, but please be aware that often if you do wish to cross borders it may mean you have to take out an extra insurance coverage policy with the car hire company which may result in an extra daily charge.

You need to make sure that the car hire company are aware that you are crossing the border or you may not be covered with insurance.

How To Inform The Car Hire Company Of Cross Border Hires

Step 1:
Run a quote for your desired location and choose the car which you are interested in.

Step 2:
Once you have chosen your quote click Book Now.

Step 3:
When you check the terms and conditions you will see a section that says this:

Customers whose travel plans include driving outside the country of rental (or crossing borders or travelling to different islands within the same country) must advise us before they pick the car up. Restrictions may apply for certain countries which may require the customer to pay additional fees.

Customers must inform the car hire company of any cross-border travel as restrictions may apply in certain countries where the car cannot be taken.

If you have set plans it may be worth contacting the car hire companies directly to try get further information so you don't have an unexpected surprise upon arrival. They will likely try and get you to book directly with them, we'd appreciate if you didn't, but either way we prefer that you are fully informed before hiring a car!

Further Information

One Way Cross Border Car Hire
It's also possible to hire a car in one location in Europe and drop it off at another, this is commonly referred to as One Way Car Hire and you can find out more about how to take advantage of such a service here.