Debit Card Car Hire In France

A common question we often get asked by our customers is if hiring a car in France is possible without using a credit card.

If you haven't already figured out, hiring a car if you don't have a credit card in your name can be a bit of a tricky ordeal as majority of companies will only accept credit cards. That being said however there are a select few that do accept Visa Debit cards, but it's just finding them and ensuring that you book with a supplier that will accept your payment card.


Using a Visa Debit card to hire a car in France is possible, yes.

Like mentioned previously, this will limit the amount of suppliers you can rent a car with, so you may not always get the best offer. If you want all your rental options available to you and a higher likelihood of getting a cheaper deal then credit cards are the way forward, but for those who can't get one or simply don't have one then there is a way around the issue.

Car Rental Suppliers That Accept Debit Cards In France

Goldcar: Allow for debit card car hire, but at most airports you need take out their Super Relax cover, Goldcar are often quite a cheap supplier so you may be able to find a really good deal with them.

Rhodium: They have a limited amount of branches in France so it's not the most ideal supplier, but they do accept Visa Debit cards.

Europcar, Avis & Sixt have all been known to accept Debit Cards at certain locations in France, however this isn't completely clear and there are some grey lines in terms of you may need to take out extra cover policies to do so, they will also accept it at some branches but not others. Before booking with these rental companies I would call the specific branch and ask if they will accept your card to avoid any holiday disappointment.

This for example is Sixt's official stance on the matter "Debit cards may be accepted at select location’s on SIXT’s discretion if they have two forms of government-issued identification, available funds." Along with a few other criteria such as not being allowed premium or luxury vehicles and you may have to present two recent utility bills matching the drivers name.

Further Information

Payment conditions may vary from time to time so make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the rental before booking anything! Each supplier will have slightly different terms in each location so make sure you are well versed.

You can find all the information you need as to whether the rental supplier will accept credit cards by running a search using our engine in the left hand sidebar, clicking on the "T&Cs" tab of the rental offer and reading the "what you need at pick-up" drop down.

Also please note that when we mention major debit cards that's typically construed as Visa or Mastercard. Although it's a strange requirements the numbers on the card usually have to be embossed, as this typically indicates that the card will be accepted. We urge you, if you are not sure whether your card will be accepted then make sure you call the supplier before booking the car.

And lastly, enjoy your holiday!