Debit Card Car Hire In Germany

We are always looking for feedback and questions across the site, and something we commonly get asked is, "is it possible to hire a car with a debit card in Germany"?

You'll often find that due to the deposit on a rental car the companies will usually only take a credit card, which can be a pain if you don't have or want them, as credit cards can of course be controversial.


Yes, you can hire a car in Germany with a debit card so long as it's a Visa Debit or Mastercard, typically.

It's really not as hard as people think, we'll talk you through the process! The only thing that it may do is limit the options you have to get the lowest price as you will only be able to purchase with certain suppliers.

Car Rental Suppliers That Accept Debit Cards In Germany

Unfortunately Germany can be a really hard place to find a car rental company that will accept debit cards. We had to get in touch with individual companies to find out which would accept debit cards, and we only managed to find one.

If you hire a car in Germany with a debit card the only rental company you can book with to our knowledge at the moment is Avis, but they have several branches across Germany and often offer a really competitive price.

Use our booking engine to find the best price with Avis today!

Further Information

Car rental companies can be very tricky and from one location to another they might accept different types of payment cards, which is really deceiving, but to avoid being disappointed on your holiday always make sure that you check the T&Cs.

You can check what payment cards are accepted using the "T&Cs" hyperlink when you've completed a search using our booking engine, this will be different for every company, but once you are on the T&Cs pop up navigate to the "What you need at pick up" drop down and it will tell you right there.

Also please note that when we mention major debit cards that's typically construed as Visa or Mastercard. Although it's a strange requirements the numbers on the card usually have to be embossed, as this typically indicates that the card will be accepted. We urge you, if you are not sure whether your card will be accepted then make sure you call the supplier before booking the car.

And last but not least, enjoy your holiday in Germany!

Debit Card Car Hire Locations Germany

Here is a full list of our locations that we can offer car hire with a debit card using Avis in Germany.

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