Debit Card Car Hire In Italy

Can I hire a car in Italy without a credit card? A question we commonly get asked here at Travellation.

Hiring a car with a debit card can be a nightmare, as only some suppliers accept it and in certain locations, so you need to ensure you are fully read up on the T&Cs of the rental before confirming the purchase.


Hiring a car without a credit card in Italy is in fact possible, yes, but typically only Visa Debits or Mastercards will be accepted.

We try and make the process as easy as possible for you, and if you continue to read down the page we will list all of the suppliers that commonly accept debit cards in and around Italy's top locations.

Car Rental Suppliers That Accept Debit Cards In Italy

Goldcar: This supplier is a good choice as they often also supply you with the best prices, however majority of the time if you are using a debit card then Goldcar will request that you take out their "Super Relax Cover" which is extra insurance to cover the rental.

Europcar: At limited locations Europcar will accept Visa Debit cards, make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure this. A popular well known supplier that will often offer a competitive price.

Rhodium: A less known brand, but they will accept debit cards none the less.

Hopefully these mix of suppliers will offer a competitive rate across hundreds of destinations in Italy.

Further Information

Payment conditions vary from location to location, so ensure that you read the terms and conditions so you don't get turned away at the rental counter when you arrive!

Find all of the information you need revolving around debit cards by using our search engine. It will highlight all the suppliers on the right hand side and on each rental price there is a "T&Cs" hyperlink, if you click this and navigate to the "what you need at pick up" drop down it will tell you there what payment cards are accepted.

Also please note that when we mention major debit cards that's typically construed as Visa or Mastercard. Although it's a strange requirements the numbers on the card usually have to be embossed, as this typically indicates that the card will be accepted. We urge you, if you are not sure whether your card will be accepted then make sure you call the supplier before booking the car.

And lastly, enjoy your Italian holiday!