Debit Card Car Hire Spain

Debit Card Car Hire In Spain

Is hiring a car with a debit card possible in Spain? A question we commonly get asked by customers here at Travellation.

The answer in short to the query is that yes, hiring a car without using a credit card in Spain is possible, but only certain suppliers will allow you to do so.


Hiring a car with a debit card in Spain is absolutely possible.

In order to ensure that you have no issues make sure that your debit card is a VISA debit card that displays the visa logo and has raised numbers.

There are several car rental suppliers in Spain that will accept your debit card but it may sometimes take some extra cover in order to do so, which is why it is imperative to read the terms and conditions of the rental before agreeing the purchase.

Car Rental Suppliers That Accept Debit Cards In Spain

Centauro: They accept all major debit cards as long as you take out their extra cover which they refer to as SMART insurance. They also require that they hold 300 Euros on your debit card for the duration of your rental. This never leaves your account, but you will be unable to use it during this time.

Drivalia: They do accept debit cards, however sometimes they can be a little funny about it, and you should always call them before you arrive to let them know you will be using a debit card and you will also need to take their full extra cover out. In our experience if possible avoid using Drivalia as they aren't usually as open as some of the other suppliers.

Firefly: Accept all major debit cards as long as you take out their full cover, although they ask for a much higher deposit to be held on your card of 650-700 Euros dependant on location.

Goldcar: Allow for debit card car hire as long as you take out their Super Relax cover, Goldcar are often the cheapest supplier too which is great, but queues can be lengthy in large airports like Alicante, so beware!

Record: Again, accept most major debit cards but you have to take out the Comfort Plus Waiver.

Further Information

Payment conditions may vary from time to time so make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the rental before booking anything! Each supplier will have slightly different terms in each location so make sure you are well versed.

Also please note that when we mention major debit cards that's typically construed as Visa or Mastercard. Although it's a strange requirements the numbers on the card usually have to be embossed, as this typically indicates that the card will be accepted. We urge you, if you are not sure whether your card will be accepted then make sure you call the supplier before booking the car.

And lastly, enjoy your holiday!