Debit Card Car Hire In the United Kingdom

Hiring a car with a debit card can be trickier than it should be, often majority of rental companies will only accept credit cards which causes a whole host of issues.

Due to the confusion a question we get quite regularly is "is it possible to hire a car without a credit card in the UK?".


Put simply the answer is yes, you can hire a car with a debit card.

However this may be in selected locations and from selected suppliers, so it can at times be limiting when your looking to find the best price possible. We'll make it as easy as possible for you by finding the suppliers that accept debit cards, but make sure you always read the T&Cs before booking.

Car Rental Suppliers That Accept Debit Cards In The UK

All debit cards used in the UK typically have to be Visa Debits or Maestro Cards, so please keep that in mind when booking with the below companies.

Sixt Stated on their website that you can pay for your rental with all UK debit cards.

Europcar: This company will accept debit cards. This is at limited locations so look at the T&Cs.

Keddy Another company under Europcar, but may in places provide cheaper prices.

Enterprise: The big car rental company often offer great rates, and they accept debit cards in certain locations.

Please remember, the name on the card must match the driving licence of the main driver.

Further Information

Hiring a car can be a tricky ordeal as suppliers often have varied terms and conditions between branches, so in order to ensure that you aren't disappointed on your trip when you come to picking up your hired car please make sure that you read the T&Cs.

You can check exactly what payment cards are accepted easily, use the booking engine on the left hand side of this page which will supply you with a quote from a variety of different companies. On each quote there is a "T&Cs" button on the bottom left, clicking this will mean a window pops up, in this window select the drop down "What you need at pick up" which will display the kind of card you need to be accepted by that company.

Just to reiterate as it's often not clear in the Terms & Conditions, please ensure that you are only using a Visa Debit or Maestro Card, and although it;s a strange requirement the numbers may have to be embossed. Embossed numbers essentially means that they are raised from the card as for some reason if they are flat against the card, like an old Santander or Abbey card for instance, it won't be accepted.

Lastly, enjoy your trip to the UK!