What Are The Driving Licence Requirements For Hiring A Car?

The Concern

When driving abroad there are slightly different rules to driving within the UK so please ensure you are fully informed before booking your rental.

There are also restrictions in regards to how long you must have held your licence since passing your test for before you can hire a car, this is due to the insurance policies that the car hire companies use.

What Are The Requirements?

When arriving at the location you have booked your car the main driver and any additional drivers that you have added on the policy will need their full driving licence.

Typically, most suppliers will only accept people who have had over 1 year driving experience, however this depends on the supplier as some request that you have as long as three years experience.

UK drivers will also need their new style photocard licence and counterpart if they still have it, if they don't have one then it's typically a check code is required, which you can find on the DVLA website. licence holders who have a paper licence only, will also need an official photo for identification.

Always Check Before You Arrive

Make sure that you check the terms and conditions of the car hire company before you book the vehicle.

Different car hire companies have different licence restrictions so please be sure you read this carefully.

You can find the licence details in the "T&Cs" section when you've run a quote on our search engine, in this section choose the "What You Need At Pick-Up" drop down and all the relevant details will be here.

Further Information

Are Chinese Driving Licence Accepted?

Often they can be, but it depends on the supplier so make sure you check the terms and conditions. It's also very likely that you will need a notarized translation of your driving licence for the company to accept it.

What About If I Have Points On My Licence?
Typically car hire companies will allow you to hire a car if you have point son your licence, but there can be issues when it comes to if you have a criminal driving conviction.

If you are wanting to hire a car but have had a DR10 or IN10 in the past then you typically have to wait up to 5 years from the conviction in order to be allowed to hire a car. Each company varies on this, and if you have had one of these convictions then you should contact them directly before booking your car to ensure they will allow you to pick the vehicle up.