Free One Way Car Hire

Are you looking to pick a car up in one location and drop it off in another? Then you’ve visited the right place. Travellation compare car hire prices from thousands of different car hire companies in millions of different locations across the world, because of this we can easily find you car hire for a one way trip and get you a fantastic price in doing so, some of our suppliers even offer this service for FREE!

What Is One Way Car Hire?

One way car hire is simply when you pick a car up in one location and want to drop it off in another. This can be extremely useful for if for instance you are moving house, or if you are flying out from a different airport than which you came.

It could also be used if you don’t want the car for the full duration of your holiday, as you may be able to pick a car up at the airport and drop it off in the city you are staying, stay for your duration and then have another booking for on the way back to the airport. Doing it this way may save you a lot of money as you wouldn’t need the car for the full duration of your visit.

We can offer one way car hire in all of our locations across the world including the UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and more!

How Do I Book My One Way Car Hire?

Booking one way car hire with Travellation couldn’t be easier! Our booking engine has a simple tick box in which you can select to pick up and drop off in another location, it looks like this.

One Way Car Hire

Un-ticking this box will then give you a booking engine like this, and simply select between pick up and drop off your two locations and click search!

Free One Way Car Hire

Upon completing the search, at the top you will find something like this.

One Way Car Hire Example

Common One-Way Rental FAQs

One Way Car Hire With A Debit Card
Combining two of our great offers here, you can get one way car hire with a debit card as long as you pick one of the suppliers who offer our debit card car hire deal. You can find out more on the debit card page here.

How Do I Get One Way Car Hire Without A Drop Off Fee?
Using our booking engine we always try and find you the lowest price, so those that offer a free drop off fee may not always be the best price overall. However that being said a lot of our suppliers do offer this service free, simply use our booking engine and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Is The Mileage Unlimited On One Way Car Hire?
Honestly, it depends on the supplier that you choose. Again, there are several car hire companies that offer unlimited mileage but if you are planning on doing a significant amount of miles please make sure you read the T&Cs before hand.

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