Hiring A Car With Endorsements On My Licence

Hiring a car with endorsements is a tricky subject, many don't even think it has an impact but when they come to hire a car they will end up leaving disappointed and car-less. It's important that you are aware of the terms and conditions of the supplier that you are booking with so you can ensure that you will be able to pick up your car without an issue and not be left stranded on your holiday.

How Many Points Can I Have On My Licence & Still Hire A Car?

The problem is there is no simple answer. For standard offences, such as a TS10 for running a light, SP30 for speeding or even a PC10 is typically fine as these offences will usually just land you with 3 points on your licence and a fine. Car hire companies as standard usually don't mind about having 3 points on your licence as typically they will accept anything under 6. Car rental companies will not charge you anything extra for having 3 points on your licence. The problem occurs when there are more serious offences & endorsements.

I Have A DR10, IN10 or CD10 What Happens Then?

DR10 (Drink Driving), IN10 (Driving With No Insurance) or CD10 (Careless Driving) are all considered to be serious offences by car rental companies, and if you have one of these endorsements you will be deemed as more of a risk. If you have one of these convictions then unfortunately you will be prevented from hiring a car within the UK for 5 years from when you got your licence back or conviction date if your licence was never taken.

There May Still Be Hope - Read The T&Cs

Don't just give up at the first hurdle, there could still be hope, even if you have a serious conviction such as the previously mentioned DR10 or IN10. You should always do a quick search to your desired hire location and look through the terms and conditions of the rental as some suppliers can be more lenient than other, particularly in countries such as Spain. You may be required to call the rental company directly before booking in order to get a definite answer.

Breakdown of Driving Offences

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