5 of the most unique places to visit in Algeria

As the largest country in Africa, it’s no surprise that Algeria is filled with many must see places. In fact a comprehensive Algeria tour takes around 3 weeks to complete.
Here we name 5 of the most unique places to visit in Algeria. It goes without saying that they form a part of most Algeria tour packages.


The main entry point into the country, Algiers is a coastal city which sits on the Mediterranean Sea and is filled with loads to explore. The city is instantly recognizable from the numerous white buildings that form along the shoreline. The Monument of the Martyrs honours Algeria’s fight for independence from France. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the El-Hamma Garden to view local flora and culture buffs will enjoy the Algiers Museum of Fine Arts as well as so many others found in the city. The Algiers part of the Algeria tour takes guests to many UNESCO sights from the Casbah of Algiers to Tipasa. Accommodation in Algiers is world class.


This is the second biggest city in Algeria and also lies along the coast. The main attraction point in Oran is Beys Palace, a fort built in the 14th century. Over the centuries, the walls have been reinforced many times and today it stands as an impressive structure with its high walls. Nearby to Oran lies the town of Tlemcen which is an Islamic capital of culture. There are so many mosques, tombs and ruins to visit to get a sense of Islamic heritage.


A great deal of Algeria is covered in desert and a lot of time is spent in this habitat during the Algeria tour but one of the more unique sandy areas has got to be Taghit. Out in the middle of nowhere with sand dunes for miles lies this self-described oasis town. Taghit gives travellers a chance to explore an old world city and get lost in its charm. Taghit also boasts the Grand Erg Occidental and cave paintings of animals and humankind.


One of the most interesting areas on an Algeria tour. First of all, it is one of the desert areas where camping can be done as accommodation making for a wonderful experience. The wide open sandy areas along with the rocky landscape is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated in its fullest. Djanet is also the area within the Algeria tour where camels are used to trek across the desert.


A city abundant in architectural design. It has been named after the emperor Constantine the Great. The city used to be a capital for Numidian kings and is today known as the City of Bridges. The name comes from the town having many suspension bridges that connect the mountains between the cities. A visit to at least one of these is a must during an Algeria tour. This is the third largest city in Algeria and has a great dealof historical sites and museums.

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