Airport Parking

How to Take Advantage of Airport Parking Services

How to Take Advantage of Airport Parking Services

Flying is not the most enjoyable part of travelling. Here on we listed five tips to stay relaxed on a plane that will reduce the stress of flying. In this post we look at how to reduce the stress of parking at an airport.

Short Stay

Short stay parking is located within the airport boundaries, often only a short walk away from the terminal. If you are dropping someone off or picking them up from arrivals, short stay parking is the most convenient parking arrangement.

It is also the most expensive and if a flight is delayed it can become costly. We suggest keeping track of the incoming flight through a flight tracking app. This will allow you to coordinate your journey with the flight to ensure you don’t end up picking up a huge parking bill.

Long Stay Parking

Long stay parking is usually located outside the airport’s boundaries and is ideal for travellers who will be away for several days.

There are two types of long stay parking: self-parking and drop-off parking. All major airports will have both options available. Self-parking requires the passengers to park their car and take their keys with them. With drop-off parking you leave your car and keys at the reception and a member of staff will park your car for you. Both car parks will have a shuttle bus that runs 24 hours a day.

Auto Express in their top tips for airport parking recommend taking advantage of the all day, all year round parking to book heavily discounted early morning or late at night flights.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is becoming increasingly popular at airports across the UK as more people forgo the hassle of parking for an extra cost. Most valet services operate at the terminal entrance making your departure and arrival convenient and time saving. Valet parking takes away all the stress of finding a parking space or getting on a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

Such is the rise in consumer demand that Parking4Less list nine companies at Gatwick airport that achieved their approved meet and greet requirements. These include carrying out criminal record checks on staff before and during employment, checking that all drivers are insured, and inspecting the parking sites for correct planning consent. If you want a stress free departure from the airport we recommend taking advantage of the valet services.

Airport Hotels

Airport hotels will often offer a parking service as part of the accommodation deal. Booking your parking through a hotel will allow passengers to sort out their accommodation and parking needs at the same time. If you want to relax before you fly, or are concerned that you may miss your flight, a night at an airport hotel before your flight will ensure you arrive at the airport delay free. Some hotels will even have airport customer service desks that can help you with your flight.

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